Zachary Marc-aurele,

Zachary Marc-aurele, Detroit MI, Zachary Marc-aurele Has Died – Death

Zachary Marc-aurele, Death –  After being born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Zac moved with his family to Leicester, where he spent his childhood. Before he moved to Leicester, he was a pupil at the Worcester-based Jacob Hyatt Magnet School. Prior to that, he attended school in Leicester. While he was a resident of Leicester, he was active in the local little league baseball and intramural basketball programs.

During his time at Leicester High School, he was active in the football, basketball, and soccer teams, as well as the tennis team. He even tried out for the field hockey team in order to demonstrate his commitment to helping a friend fulfill his dream of playing the sport. During his time at the university, he was active in a number of different organizations, including a labor union, an advocacy group for various recycling projects, and a political campaign worker.

After completing his undergraduate degree, he joined Americorp and spent more than a year working in Alamosa, Colorado. During that time, he assisted people in obtaining employment and provided fuel assistance to those who were in need. Zachary has maintained his commitment to assisting those in need by working with organizations in both Massachusetts and Michigan that are not-for-profit and offer aid to those in need.

Zachary was a major music fan, and his band, The Sunchokes, used to play at Ralph’s as well as other local spots in and around Worcester, Massachusetts. Zachary also had a lot of other musical interests. He was a voracious reader, and the writers Plato and Marcus Aurelius through Kurt Vonnegut and J.R.R. Tolkien were among his favorites to read and write about.

Zachary was taken away from us in a ruthless and senseless act of violence, and we were not given the chance to say goodbye to him. Together with his companion in life, Erin Johnson, he had only recently moved to the city of Detroit, Michigan, in order to pursue their joint aim of supporting those who are in need of assistance. Despite the fact that Zac’s life was cut short at a much younger age than it should have been, he was still able to accomplish a legacy of activism and service during the time that he was with us.

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