Zach Luther Obituary

Zach Luther Obituary, Omaha, Zach Luther Has Died – Death

Zach Luther Obituary, Death – Zachary Jonathan Luther is generally regarded as the person responsible for the founding of the Lutheran church. Starting on the 27th of October 1995 and going on until the 28th of January 2023, this event will take place. Peggy Luther, the deceased person’s mother, as well as the deceased person’s grandparents, Gerald and Clarice Luther, and the deceased person’s grandmother, Ann Thon, had all passed away.

The deceased person is the last surviving member of their immediate family. Ann Thon was the grandma of the individual who has passed away. The individual who has passed away had a grandmother whose name was Ann Thon, and the grandmother herself was an Ann Thon. Father, Greg Luther; brother, Jake Luther; sister, Alexa Luther; grandparents, Mark and Diane Vanderloo; grandfather, Marty Thon; as well as a huge extended family and a significant number of friends and family members who are not related to the immediate Luther family.

Alexa’s grandparents are Mark and Diane Vanderloo and Marty Thon. The people named Mark and Diane Vanderloo and Marty Thon are Alexa’s grandparents. Alexa is currently living with her grandparents, who go by the names Mark and Diane Vanderloo as well as Marty Thon. The wake services are scheduled to begin at seven in the evening on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, and will take place at the John A. Gentleman 72nd Street Chapel. The date and time of the services have not yet been determined.

The visitation, which is scheduled to take place on the same day from seven o’clock in the evening to seven o’clock in the evening, will be immediately followed by these services, which will take place immediately after the visitation. Holy Cross Catholic Church is going to host a MEMORIAL MASS on Thursday, February 2, 2023 at eleven in the morning. This service is in remembrance of those who have passed away.

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