Yvonne Erman Obituary, Former CEO Of Y Karaoke Company Has Died - Death

Yvonne Erman Obituary, Former CEO Of Y Karaoke Company Has Died – Death

Yvonne Erman Death, Obituary – The news that Yvonne Erman, who ran Y Karaoke Kompany in the Inland Empire (which includes Riverside and San Bernardino, California), has passed away is quite heartbreaking. Although she spent the majority of her life in Cincinnati, Ohio, she passed away on July 19, 2008 in Richmond, Virginia.

She was born in Ohio. In the name of her family and friends, I beg that you please accept my condolences, thoughts, and prayers, as well as my sympathy for this tragic loss. Mrs. Erman moved to the Richmond area in 2007, not long after the passing of her husband, LTC USAF (Ret.) Robert J. Erman. She did this shortly after the passing of her spouse.

Mrs. Erman came into the world on September 29th, 1927. She was born in that year. Because both of her parents, Orin L. Conkling and Norah H. Conkling, had already passed away prior to the time of her passing, she was the sole living member of her family at the time of her passing away. Her sister Christine C. Chapman and her husband LTC, USA (Ret) James L. Chapman III of Chester, Virginia are the only members of her family to survive her passing.

In addition, she is survived by her nieces and nephews, James L. Chapman IV of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Dona C. Snader of Denver, Colorado, Rebecca Chapman of Chester, Virginia, Paul H. Chapman of Sarasota, Florida, Edward E. Chapman of Charlottesville, Virginia, and David Mc. Chapman of Charlottesville, Virginia. In a ceremony that will be done in private, her cremated ashes, along with those of her late husband, will be interred in Arlington National Cemetery. The ceremony itself will not take place.

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