Winnie Marie Obituary, Winnie Marie Has Passed Away - Death

Winnie Marie Obituary, Winnie Marie Has Passed Away – Death

Winnie Marie Death, Obituary – The Board of Directors of the Keaton Township Project would like to express its deepest condolences to Winnie Marie Holt’s family, as well as to the Wilsons and all of her other close friends, on the occasion of her passing. Winnie Marie Holt was an integral part of the Keaton Township Project. activities such as working as a contact for community engagement and being the treasurer of the organization.

Mrs. Wilson passed away without any known difficulties on Thursday, February 2, 2023. Her passing occurred in a calm manner. She was surrounded by her devoted family on both sides when she passed away, and they took care of her in her final moments.
Mrs. Wilson was known for being an incredibly loyal friend to everyone she came into contact with, as well as an energetic educator and devoted community leader. In addition to that, she was an engaged educator.

She was well-known, not only for her charming smile and kind manner, but also for the knowledge she possessed. Her grin was engaging, and her demeanor was welcoming. She was a very shrewd and clever woman. Mrs. Wilson received both her Bachelor of Science in Education degree and her accreditation as an Administrator of Special Education from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, where she also completed her studies. Her background is quite excellent.

In addition, she has a Master of Education degree in Special Education from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, which is located in the state of Arkansas in the United States. During the course of her professional life, she held the position of Director of Special Education for the DeWitt School District in addition to the Brinkley School District. After being made available to the general public, the specifics of her service will be studied and analyzed by the committee. The Board of Directors is in a condition of profound melancholy as a result of hearing of the passing of a Holt-Wilson family member who was a member of the family.

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