Winifred Quinn Obituary, Resident of Upper Chichester, PA, Has Passed Away - Death

Winifred Quinn Obituary, Resident of Upper Chichester, PA, Has Passed Away – Death

Winifred Quinn Death, Obituary –  On February 3, 2023, it was discovered that Winifred “Winnie” Quinn, who had lived in the neighborhood of Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania, for her entire life and had reached the age of 67 when she passed away, had passed away in the city of Media, Pennsylvania. Winifred “Winnie” Quinn had been found to have passed away in Media, Pennsylvania. She was born and raised in Linwood, Pennsylvania, which is also the location of Chichester High School.

She attended and graduated from Chichester High School, completing her secondary education there and earning her diploma. Reading, doing crossword puzzles, watching television programs that were based on true crimes, and watching birds were some of Winnie’s favorite things to do in her spare time when she had some downtime. In addition to this, she was always current on the most recent happenings in the world of celebrity, and she took a special interest in following the football games played by Notre Dame.

Winnie Quinn was the daughter of Bill and Grace Quinn, both of whom have passed away since Winnie’s passing. Bill and Grace Quinn had a daughter named Winnie. Winnie is the only member of the Quinn family to have made it this far. In addition to this, she was the sister of Michael Quinn, who also passed away, and the sister-in-law of Earl Ekas, who also passed away. Both of these individuals also passed away. Michael Quinn and Earl Ekas both passed away at the same time. Earl Ekas and Michael Quinn have both passed away in recent times.

The only members of the Quinn family who are known to be alive in the present day are the offspring of Amy (Wes) Quinn, Brigit (Rick) Quinn, and Erica (Jason) Quinn-Brown. All three of their parents were named Quinn. Siblings: Kathy Ekas, Dr. William (Kristi) Quinn, Dee (Gary) Kristman, Brian Quinn, and Grace Quinn. Grandchildren: Kaylie Quinn Gallo and Xander Quinn. In addition to this, she has a sizeable number of nieces, nephews, and cousins who, after she has passed away, will continue the tradition of her family.

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