Willie Ankeny Obituary

Willie Ankeny Obituary, Willie Ankeny Has Passed Away – Death

Willie Ankeny Obituary Death – Those of Alexandra Koch’s articles that were printed in the Augusta Chronicle It is recommended that you start reading this article on Monday, February 6, 2023 at 5:41:01 PM local time, which is GMT+12.

The name of the deceased person whose corpse was discovered on Sunday in an abandoned property on the 3400 block of Meadowbrook Drive has been made public by the Richmond County Coroner’s Office. The building in which the body was discovered is located on the 3400 block of Meadowbrook Drive.

The structure on the corner of Meadowbrook Drive and Meadowbrook Court was where the corpse was found after it had been inside for quite some time. According to the office of the coroner, Willie T. Ankeny, age 30, a resident of Augusta, Georgia, was discovered dead with what appears to be at least one gunshot wound just before 1:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Willie T. Ankeny’s body had been found with what appears to be at least one gunshot wound. According to the obituary, Mr. Ankeny’s cause of death was “undetermined.” According to a news release that was disseminated by the sheriff’s office, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office has become engaged in the investigation, which is now in the phase when it is gathering preliminary information.

This information is being gathered according to the news release that was distributed by the sheriff’s office. The building on Deans Bridge Road in which the body of the deceased person was discovered is situated rather close to a crossroads that is encircled by a variety of various commercial establishments.

The crossroads is in the immediate vicinity of a number of different retail establishments. A dead corpse of an individual was discovered inside of a structure located off of Deans Bridge Road. It seems as though the deceased person was shot, judging from the way their body is laid out.

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