Westport Shooting – 20-year-old Alawna Collier shot to death in Westport parking lot – Death

Westport Shooting – The police department in Kansas City, Missouri, which is located in the state of Missouri, is currently conducting an inquiry into the matter. The fatal shooting occurred in the Westport neighborhood of the city. The victim was a resident of that neighborhood. The Westport neighborhood was determined to be the location where the event took place after the investigation.

On Friday just before 2:45 in the morning, law enforcement officials claim that they received a call concerning a shooting that took place at the World Market located on Westport Road. Westport Road was the location mentioned by the authorities as being where the incident took place. Westport Road was the location of the altercation that led to the firing of gunfire and ultimately ended the incident. When the cops who responded to the call arrived at the site where the incident had taken place, they discovered a woman who had been shot at the scene.

It was later determined that her body had been found at the scene of the accident, indicating that she had passed away prior to its discovery. It has been determined that the individual who passed away was Alawna Collier, who was just 20 years old when she passed away at the time of the disaster. Alawna Collier’s name has been provided as the name of the deceased person in this situation. She was there at the devastation that befell her at the time of her passing.

The investigators have not yet made any information relevant to the investigation that concerns a suspect in the inquiry that has been made accessible to the general public at this time. As a response to the incident that took place at their venue, the Westport Entertainment District has issued the following statement:

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