Wayne Clanton Obituary

Wayne Clanton Obituary, Wayne Clanton has Died – Death

Wayne Clanton Death Obituary – On January 29, 2023, Wayne Stancil Clanton passed away following a battle with his illness that did not last for an especially extended period of time. It had only been a short while since he had begun to fight against it. He had 62 years of experience under his belt to draw from.

His parents, Stancil and Lucille Clanton, gave birth to him in the wee hours of the morning on November 1st, 1949, in their home in the neighborhood of Hartsville, which is located within the boundaries of the state of South Carolina. He was brought into this world by his parents. The neighborhood of Hartsville was where he was delivered into the world.
Those who continue to exist after his death include the people who were closest to him, such as his wife Marcia and their three children Todd, Sean, and Trevor (Haley). After he has passed away, his grandchildren Emerson, Liam, Norah, and Eleanor will be able to carry on his legacy.

After his passing, he will be greatly missed by many people, including his children-in-law, Todd, and Marcia’s daughter-in-law, Haley. Renee, the man’s one and only child, did not have a chance to outlive her father because she passed away before he did.

She was the very first person to enter the restaurant after it had opened its doors. The viewing will be held today, January 30, 2023, from three in the afternoon until four in the afternoon, and the funeral will take place at four in the afternoon. Both events will take place at Shiloh Truelight Church of Christ (8614 Truelight Church Rd, Mint Hill, NC 28227).

He asked that in lieu of flowers, monetary contributions be made to help the elderly people living in the Hartsville area with basic necessities such as food and heat. He was adamant about this request. In regard to this demand, he insisted very strongly. Regarding the request, he was very specific about the requirements.

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