Wakefield High School Arlington Lockdown Suspected trespasser Arlington High School

Wakefield High School Arlington Lockdown: Suspected trespasser Arlington High School

Wakefield High School Arlington Lockdown – Thursday afternoon, a high school in Arlington was placed on lockdown while police investigated a possible intruder who school authorities said was “potentially armed with a pistol.” The lockdown at Wakefield High School was lifted at the conclusion of the school day after it was confirmed by the police that the person in question was not present on the premises. There were no reports of any injuries. The police and school administrators did not provide answers to inquiries concerning the incident, such as what led them to believe there was someone inside the school building or what tipped them off to the possibility of an intruder being there.

A kid from the same high school was discovered unconscious in a bathroom earlier in the week, possibly as a result of an overdose. The youngster was brought to a hospital and is currently in critical condition there. On Tuesday, students at Wakefield High School were dismissed early as the Wakefield Police Department investigated the incident. The school district said that Wakefield would be closed for instruction on Friday; however, the building will be available during normal hours to provide mental health assistance for students and employees “who may require help processing the occurrences that have occurred this week.”

On Thursday, the school was placed in lockdown mode at approximately 12:30 p.m. and remained so until the end of the school day. Parents received a letter from school administrators at approximately 3 o’clock in the afternoon stating that “all students and staff are safe.” According to the message sent out by the school administration, the investigation conducted by the police “found that the trespasser, possibly equipped with a pistol, is not currently on school grounds.”

Officials emphasized that ensuring “the safety and security of your student” is their utmost concern. Frank Bellavia, a spokesperson for the Arlington public schools, stated that the police investigation is ongoing. He promised that after everything was finished, we would get additional information.

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