Trevor Dumaran Obituary

Trevor Dumaran Obituary, A Fire Fighter Swept Into Storm Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 24 – Death

Trevor Dumaran Death, Obituary – The authorities have made the discovery that a firefighter who was 24 years old and died after being washed down a storm drain and then out to sea as a result of the torrential rains that took place a week ago has been identified. The official cause of death for the firefighter was drowning after being washed out to sea. The body of the firefighter was located in the water of the ocean. The fact that he was washed out to sea is thought to have been the cause of his death.

The firefighter did not survive, which is a terrible loss. After the incident that took place, Tre Evans-Dumaran was transported to the acute care unit of the Maui Memorial Medical Center. This was because he had been dragged into a storm drain on Waiapo Street, and then hauled roughly 800 yards to the point where it discharged into the ocean. The reason for this was owing to the fact that he had been dragged down the drain.

While workers were clearing out the pipes of the storm drain, the occurrence took place at the same moment. It was stated that on Saturday afternoon, his mother, Chelsie Evans, expressed her gratitude to the community for the demonstration of aloha that had been delivered by the members of the community. The KHNL has made it clear that this is the situation.

Her statement that “We want to thank the entire community for the outpouring of affection at this time” was included in a statement that was created by the County of Maui and made public by the government of that jurisdiction. According to a comment attributed to her, she said, “We want to thank the entire community for the outpouring of affection during this time.” In this difficult time, my heart tells me that Tre would like to express gratitude to everyone who has showed love to his family, his fire ‘ohana, and his friends.

He would like to thank all of you. He would also like to express his gratitude to everyone who has expressed their affection for his fire team. I would be grateful if you could convey to them how much I value your efforts in achieving that goal. He would want people to keep giving blood and to keep doing what they can to be heroes, just like he did each and every day while he was physically present on this world.

He would also want people to continue doing what they can to be a hero. He would encourage everyone to keep trying their best to be heroes in the ways that they can.

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