Travis Dunn Obituary, Travis Dunn Has Passed Away - Death

Travis Dunn Obituary, Travis Dunn Has Passed Away – Death

Travis Dunn Death, Obituary – Travis Dunn, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 65 and was a member of the University of North Dakota football team that won the NCAA national title in 1980 and who served as the radio analyst for the team during home broadcasts, won the national title in 1980. defense unn arrived at the University of North Dakota in the late 1970s and played for the school’s junior varsity hockey team for two seasons before moving on to the varsity level of play in the sport of ice hockey.

During the academic years 1978–1979 and 1979–1980, he was a member of teams that vied for the national championship of the NCAA. He was successful in both years. The year 1980 was the year that UND triumphed. Dunn, who lived in Fargo, traveled all the way to the Ralph Engelstad Arena on a consistent basis throughout the course of the last three years.

After the Fighting Hawks successfully defended their title as champions of the regular season in the National Collegiate Hockey Conference in the year 2020, UND extended an invitation to him to be the one to present the Penrose Cup to the team on the ice in order to commemorate their accomplishment. One of the radio shows that Dunn hosted was called “Game On Hockey,” and it aired on Thursday evenings with Scott Taylor.

Dunn also hosted other radio shows. In addition to that, he was the color analyst for UND’s home games, where he sat in the press box beside Tim Hennessy, who was the announcer for the game’s play-by-play. Dunn made his debut in the the booth for Hennessy during the season prior to this one. Only Rose, his wife, and their children Serena and Gary will remember Dunn after he has died away; they are the only individuals who will do so.

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