Terry Taylor Obituary

Terry Taylor Obituary, Salt Lake City UT, Manger Of Comedy Club In Seattle Dies – Death

Terry Taylor Obituary, Death – Terry Taylor was the owner of the Giggles Comedy Club in Seattle, Washington, which was the location that I figuratively and literally referred to as HOME for a number of years. At the club, he worked not only as the manager but also as the booker, the reservations secretary, the bartender, the accountant, the pitcher for the Home Run Derby, the ignorer of Yelp reviews, the briber of the Health Department, the denier of Groupon deals, the decorator of the “Death Wall,” the poker dealer, and the gatekeeper.

He was a difficult man who had a few virtues but many vices, and he lived his life in accordance with a code that Stephen Hawking was unable to interpret. He was a man who had many vices but few virtues. Although he was well-known for repackaging costly alcohol in less expensive bottles, he never consumed any of the alcohol that he repackaged.

He would make sexual comments to my female friends who came to watch me perform, despite the fact that he would not permit cursing on stage. He would never stop criticizing my performance, but at the same time, he would make sure I had plenty of stage time in front of Seattle’s most critical audiences. People were unable to avoid patronizing his institution despite the fact that he operated a bad business by inciting hostility in each and every customer who went through the door.

Nevertheless, people continued to patronize his business. As a result of Terry, the environment in the bar area of Giggles was every bit as engaging as the one in the showroom. There were times when I wanted to skip my set, but I was scared of what I would be losing out on if I did so. If I skipped my set, I would miss out on the opportunity to see.

Giggles served as the inspiration for a number of American comedies, including our very own adaptations of Animal House, Shawshank Prison, Paper Street Soap Company, and Cuckoo’s Nest. And Terry Taylor was our version of Bluto, along with Warden Norton, Nurse Ratched, and Tyler Durden, all rolled into one person. It would take a book to adequately detail the chemical makeup that made Giggles Comedy Club the famous location that it was, but you could never have developed it without the help of Terry Taylor.

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