Terrence Dickinson Obituary, Terrence Dickinson Has Passed Away - Death

Terrence Dickinson Obituary, Terrence Dickinson Has Passed Away – Death

Terrence Dickinson Death, Obituary – The passing of Terrence Dickinson occurred on February 1st, 2023. Our deepest sympathies go out to his loved ones and friends. An influential figure in the field of astronomy who has written many books. When he was giving guidance on what was needed for the preserve site to make it what the astronomers needed at a sight, I had the honor of meeting him when he came to this location for a conference. It was a pleasure.

When I woke up with cold feet in the small hours of the morning, I knew that Terry had finished another night of studying and shooting the night sky. Terry uncovered his enduring interest at a very young age and has pursued it ever since. And being able to share his love in astronomy with others by introducing them to the beauty and wonder that he discovered in the sky gave him a sense of fulfillment.

He used to pass endless peaceful hours in his observatory, observing the night sky and listening to the sounds of nature, such as the spring peepers in the early part of the season and the gentle nickers of our horses as they roamed about the pasture in the summertime. Terry found himself lifted out of himself and released from the distractions of day-to-day life as he stood beneath a starry canopy and surrendered himself to the mysticism and enormity of the entire situation.

Terry was a man known for his composure, kindness, and thoughtfulness, and he had a profound concern for the people in his life. He was blessed with a wonderful sense of humor and a hearty chuckle that was contagious. Spending time with Terry was guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
He read books like they were going out of style and had a memory like a steel trap for remembering astronomical details.

It was a pleasure for him to awaken each day because he was able to devote his life to the pursuit of his passion. Because he was so enthralled by the universe, he made it his life’s work to try, through his writings, his astrophotography, and his lectures, to instill in people some of the same sense of wonder and admiration that he felt when contemplating the cosmos. We shall miss having him around!

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