Susan Oxenham Obituary

Susan Oxenham Obituary, Susan Oxenham Has Died – Death

Susan Oxenham Obituary  Death РVALE SUSAN OXENHAM | The tragic news that Susan Oxenham, a well-known local artist, had passed away has caused all of us to be in a state of deep sadness. Susan, who was considered to be legally blind, was an ardent believer in the power of art to aid in the process of recovery.

Susan was an avid supporter of the arts. In addition to providing patients with impromptu painting classes when she was herself hospitalized, she also made a donation of artwork to the rehabilitation section of Nepean Hospital while she was there. There is where she spent her time when she was in the hospital.

According to Roslyne Raynaud, who works at Nepean Hospital as the Nurse Unit Manager of D1G, “Susan was endowed with the talent of actually sensing things.” Susan was a patient at Nepean Hospital. [Further citation is required] Susan was endowed with the ability to truly perceive what was going on around her.

In spite of the fact that her vision prevented her from doing so, she did it anyway “Because her eyes did not “see” in the same way that ours do, she perceived more through her imagination, feelings, and interpretations than we do. This is because her eyes did not function in the same way that ours do. She was compelled by a profound want to make a positive impact on the lives of other people, and she was successful in achieving this objective because she was able to convey joy via the practice of her chosen vocation.

” Susan held the belief that “even if it made the happiness of just one person, then it was worth it.” Even if it brought a smile to the face of only one person, it was worth it. The hospital staff and the other patients will remember Susan thanks to the artwork that she produced while she was a patient there. Although Susan will be sorely missed, her artistic legacy will live on.

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