Susan Johnson Obituary, Learn More About Susan Johnson Death

Susan Johnson Obituary, Learn More About Susan Johnson Death

Susan Johnson Death, Obituary – On January 19, 2023, Susan Owen Johnson, who was from South Pittsburg and had reached the age of 64, passed away following an extended stay in the hospital due to complications related with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Susan Owen came into the world on November 14, 1958, in Bridgeport, Alabama. Her parents, Clayton and Betsy Owen, were the ones who gave birth to her.

Susan attended the Baroness Erlanger School of Nursing after receiving her diploma from South Pittsburg High School in 1978. There, she concentrated her studies on nursing and finished her training in anesthesiology when she was 18 years old. She began her 43-year career by working as a nurse anesthetist at Erlanger Baroness Hospital, where she had her first job after receiving degrees in nursing and anesthesia and becoming certified in both fields.

During her time there, she helped countless patients through some of their most difficult times.
Susan and Bill Johnson were introduced to one another for the first time in 1992 through some mutual friends, and the couple was married in October of the following year. As a pair, they enjoyed a happy and fulfilling lives together. Will Johnson is the sole offspring that Susan and Bill Johnson have had together.

Larry Higdon, Susan’s first husband and the father of one of her children, Justin Higdon, is also the father of one of her children. Susan and Larry each moved on to new relationships, but they continued to be friends with one another and stayed in touch with one another throughout their lives. Susan enjoyed spending time with her family the most, going on vacations, and sewing in her leisure time. Susan also enjoyed going on vacations.

Before Susan was born, both of her maternal grandparents, Avery and Kate McCuiston, had already passed away. She leaves behind her husband, Bill Johnson; her parents, Clayton and Betsy Owen; her sister, Angie Dyke; her sons, Justin Higdon and Will Johnson; her brothers and sisters-in-law, Jim Dyke, Bob Johnson, Michael Haggard, Mary Johnson, and Linda Johnson; her daughters-in-law, Suzanne Higdon and Emily Johnson; her nieces and nephews, Ashley Dyke, Megan Haggard Hunter, Natalie Alonzo, and Jeremy Dyke; and her grandson


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