Stewart Taylor Obituary

Stewart Taylor Obituary, Stewart Taylor Has Passed Away – Death

Stewart Taylor Obituary Death – Yesterday, Stewart Taylor passed away after a valiant battle against cancer; our hearts are broken for his family and friends, and we offer our most sincere sympathies to them all. The passing of Stewart Taylor occurred yesterday.
The effectiveness with which the Eildon Fire Brigade was able to carry out its duties would not have been possible without the support of Stewy.

It took him ten years to work his way up to the rank of 4th Lieutenant, and during that time he was also the Asset and Maintenance Officer for the department. During this period, he was also in charge of the department’s equipment. Throughout his professional life, he was active in both capacities.

In recognition of the exceptional and selfless service that Stewy has provided to the organization over the course of the past 15 years, he was recently given the National Medal in addition to the 15-year Service Medal that he had already been awarded. This was done in light of the fact that he had recently been awarded the National Medal. Due to the fact that he had already been awarded the 15-year Service Medal, this was done in consideration of that fact.

In 2009, Stewy was awarded not only the Congressional Medal of Honor, but also the National Emergency Medal for his efforts in putting out the fires. It was decided that he should receive both of these medals. During this trying time, we are keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers and keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. During this difficult time, we will continue to remember them in our thoughts and prayers.

During this time of mourning for Stewy’s passing, the people who were a part of the Brigade, as well as the rest of the community, will express their deepest condolences to one another and give their deepest condolences to Stewy’s family and friends. I wish and pray that one day you will discover the peace and quiet that you so much need. Stewy

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