Stalwart Rae Obituary, Stalwart Rae Has Passed Away - Death

Stalwart Rae Obituary, Stalwart Rae Has Passed Away – Death

Stalwart Rae Death, Obituary – The passing of life member and club veteran Bryan Rae is something that the club must report with a heavy heart due to the nature of the situation. Nearly four decades of Bryan’s life were spent volunteering at the club. He served in the role of treasurer for a number of years and has been a dedicated member of the committee ever since.

In addition to that, he served for a long time as administrator of the 200 club, which throughout the years contributed to the club’s efforts to raise thousands of pounds. Because of his contagious love and enthusiasm for everything Langholm RFC, he made a lot of friends across the borders and beyond. At Milntown, he will be sorely missed by everyone. The club would like to express its sympathies to Ellen, Andrew, Gordon, and Karen, as well as the rest of the family.

Rae relocated to Southern California and found employment as an emergency medical technician at a local horse racing track. She was looking for a change of pace. After that, she found a job with an airline, and it was there that she uncovered her passion for exploring new places.

In 1989, she relocated her family to Colma, where she later became a member of the “Town of Colma Family” and worked as the Public Information Officer for the town. In 2002, Rae was first assigned to the role of Treasurer, and subsequently she was elected to the office. She served in this capacity for a total of six years. She was elected to the City Council in 2008, and she has since served there for a total of 14 years, including two terms as Mayor.

She was a member of the City Council at the same time that she was employed in the medical billing sector on a full-time basis. Both in a private company and also in the City and County of San Francisco. a combination of the two. Rae was known for her demeanor of unconditional love and always avoided the spotlight, which contributed to her reputation. In both her professional and personal life, she has a strong aptitude for listening to others, but what stands out most about her is her wonderful grin.

Rae cherished the opportunity to be of service to her neighborhood and was driven by a desire to improve the quality of life in Colma for residents, workers, and tourists alike. Her presence would be sorely missed by all in the Colma community, “Brian Dossey, the City Manager, stated.

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