Sandra George Obituary, Sandra George has passed Away - Death

Sandra George Obituary, Sandra George has passed Away – Death

Sandra George Death, Obituary – On Friday, Sandra George (Huckle, Robinson), who had been a member of the Ampthill Town Band prior to her passing, was laid to rest. The band included Sandra George as a member at one point. The day that the other members of the band found out about her passing was a day that was filled with a lot of sadness for all of them.

Not only was Sandra a close friend to many of the more senior members of the band both in the past and in the present, but she was also a band member for a sizeable portion of the band’s existence. She was a member of the band for a significant portion of its existence.  In addition to that, Sandra was a member of the band for a considerable chunk of its existence, during which time she had an active role in its activities. There are a few members of Sandra’s family who, at one time or another, were active participants in the band in one capacity or another.

The two of Sandra’s children, Lisa and Samantha, as well as Sandra’s father, Les, and her brother, Jim, are all included in this group of family members. During this trying time, her husband John, Lisa, and Sam, along with the rest of her family and friends, are in our thoughts and prayers. We also keep the rest of her family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

During this difficult time, we ask that you please accept our most sincere condolences and sympathies. We are sorry for the loss of a loved one, and our hearts go out to you. During the memorial service that took place last night, the band paid tribute to her by playing the hymn Nottingham. Because this was one of her favorite songs, she would regularly ask them to play it for her, and because it was also one of the songs that was played in her honor, it was played in her honor. It was the band’s intention to demonstrate their gratitude to her by playing it for her, and so that is exactly what they did.

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