Samuel Peppers Obituary

Samuel Peppers Obituary, Samuel Peppers Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Samuel Peppers Death, Obituary – According to the reports that were provided by South Carolina Highway Patrol Lance Corporal Tyler Tidwell, a collision that took place on Wednesday in Orangeburg County is reported to be the cause of death of a guy who was originally from Bowman. The incident took place in Orangeburg County. The South Carolina Highway Patrol was the one that delivered these reports to us.

The occurrence took occurred in Orangeburg County, which was the location of the county. The South Carolina Highway Patrol was the one who brought these reports to our attention; they were the ones who actually delivered them. Orangeburg County, which also served as the county seat and was located in the geographic center of the county, was the place where the event took place.

According to Sean D. Fogle, who works as the Chief Deputy Coroner for Orangeburg County, Samuel Peppers Jr. had already reached the age of 31 when he passed away. This information was provided by Mr. Fogle. The family home of Samuel Peppers Jr. could be found on Project Road.

In addition to this information, Sean D. Fogle disclosed that Samuel Peppers Jr. had sadly passed away as a result of the injuries he had sustained as a consequence of the automobile accident. These injuries had been the direct result of the collision. These wounds were a direct consequence of the collision that had occurred.

According to Fogle, Samuel Peppers Jr. used to live in a house that was situated on Project Road at one point in time. This took place at some unspecified point in history. On Big Buck Boulevard, not too far from One Oak Lane, there was a collision that took place at 11:20 in the morning.

The scene of the collision was situated in close proximity to One Oak Lane. The Chevrolet Tahoe from 2003 that was involved in the accident was traveling northbound on the highway in the lanes where it was involved in the accident when the collision occurred.

As it turned out, the driver of the Tahoe did not make the necessary course corrections, which led to the car veering off the left side of the road and into the grassy median. After that, it made an attempt to turn right, but instead it went off the road to the right and smashed into a tree, which resulted in it losing control of the vehicle and crashing. Following that, it attempted to make a right turn once more, but this time it was not successful.

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