Ryan Au Car Accident – Two people dead after a crash near Gates Pass

Ryan Au Car Accident – Two people were taken from this world as a result of an event that took place late on Saturday night. On the evening of February 4th, deputies responded to reports of an accident that had occurred on Gates Pass, which is situated directly east of Kinney Road. It was roughly 9:45 p.m. when the event took place, according to the report. The two other passengers who were riding in the car with the driver are said to be in extremely severe condition by the police.

The driver is also believed to be in extremely critical condition. Additionally, the driver is in a very precarious state of health. Despite the efforts that were made to save their lives, both the driver, Ryan Au, who was just 20 years old, and the passenger, Anthony Nguyen, who was 23 years old, were pronounced dead at the scene of the collision after they were involved in the collision. Anthony Nguyen was riding as a passenger, and Ryan Au was the driver of the vehicle.

When the pickup truck was involved in a collision, there were a total of four people present inside the vehicle. They were all rushed to the hospital with injuries, although their conditions were not thought to be life-threatening at the time of their arrival. The investigators claimed that their initial priority upon arriving at the scene was to begin gathering evidence, scheduling interviews, and processing the scene.

According to the preliminary findings of the investigation that was carried out by the police, the car was traveling westbound on Gates Pass Boulevard when it crossed the center line, collided with the pickup truck, and then continued on its way. This information was obtained from the investigation that was carried out by the police. Through the course of the inquiry, we were able to get this information.

The officers who responded to the call believe that the high rate of speed that the car was traveling at was a component that contributed to the accident.

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