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Robert Miller Obituary, Robert Miller Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Robert Miller Death, Obituary – Robert “Bob” Miller, who had lived in South Bend, Indiana throughout his life and had reached the age of 65 when he passed away on January 25, 2023, did so in a manner that was unexpected and unexpectedly sudden. Carl and Josephine Miller became first-time parents for the first time on October 22, 1957, in the city of Elmira, located in the state of New York.

The United States of America were the scene of this incident. Following his departure from New York, Bob originally established his abode in the state of Ohio; however, he ultimately chose to make his permanent home in the city of South Bend, which is located in the state of Indiana. Bob began working in the construction industry while he was still a student at John Adams High School.

He went on to pursue a career in this field. Working alongside his father and brother Mike at KAP Inc. was where he got his foot in the door in the competitive world of business. After that, he found employment at PTL Tire Shop, the same establishment in which his father had been employed. There, he did his work with his father.

There, he worked. After that, Bob started what would eventually become a fruitful and extended career with the United States Postal Service (USPS), an organization for which he would eventually devote a combined total of thirty years of his life to working. During this time, Bob would eventually spend a combined total of fifty years of his life working there.

Bob Miller and his wife Elizabeth Ann (Pulaski) Miller have been married for over thirty years, but they are likely to have to end their union soon due to unforeseen circumstances. Their names are Jason Miller, Robert Rist, Jennifer Uline, Stephanie Miller, Jonathan Miller, and Kelilyn Miller. Kelilyn Miller is the youngest of the Miller children. The Miller children are all older than their youngest sister, Kelilyn Miller.

They have raised their family to include six little ones. They collaborated on everything, even the upbringing of their children, and it was successful. The current location of Bob’s brother, James (Sandy) Binkley, is in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Camden, Elijah, Landyn, Natalia, and Oliver are his grandchildren, and they are the only ones to survive him.

Harper is the one who is the youngest of the three. Before he left, his mother and father, along with his brothers Carl, John, and Michael Miller, moved to a new place. He also left behind his other three brothers. Both of his sets of grandparents, maternal and paternal, were Millers.

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