Robert Jenkins Obituary, Robert Jenkins Has Passed Away – Death

Robert Jenkins Death, Obituary – At his home in Diamond City, Arkansas, on January 31, 2023, Robert Barry Jenkins passed away peacefully without experiencing any pain. At the time of his demise, he was encircled by the people who meant the most to him. On the 31st of January, 1960, he was born in Yadkin, North Carolina. Robert Jenkins and Betty Jo (Draughn) Jenkins were his parents at the time of his birth.

Robert, affectionately referred to as “Dew” by the majority of people and “Mountain Dew” by many, has crossed over to Heaven to be with his beloved wife Lee Jenkins. In April of 2020, Lee Jenkins died away, and Robert Jenkins followed her to the other side not long after. His step-daughter Courtney, who resides in Kentucky, his hew daughters Jamie, who resides in Maine, and Rebecca, who is in Missouri, as well as Max, Madeline, and Alex, who are the kids of Jamie and Rebecca, are the only members of his family who are still alive today.

In the 1990s, he made his way to Nashville and subsequently to Branson, both of which are located in the state of North Carolina, thanks to his outsized personality and his musical talent. He was originally from North Carolina. The state of Tennessee is home to both of these major urban centers. He settled there, constructed a house for himself, and worked with a wide range of musicians over the course of his career, the Country Tonight Band being the most notable of these associations.

A kindred spirit who, through his music and his preaching of the gospel, had a significant influence on the lives of a large number of individuals.

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