Robert Dewey Obituary, Scottish, Former Rugby Union Player Has Passed Away - Death

Robert Dewey Obituary, Scottish, Former Rugby Union Player Has Passed Away – Death

Robert Dewey Obituary, Death – He was able to make a lot of friends at Mestek, both among the staff and the clients and vendors. In addition to that, Bob was a prominent figure in the Westfield community. He had a reputation for being a man who could get things done. Early on, he was active in and eventually became the President of the Westfield Junior Chamber of Commerce.

He also served as President of the Westfield High School Band Parents, Secretary of the Westfield Junior High (now South Middle) School Building Committee, Director of the New England Deaconess Association of Concord, Massachusetts, and active as Moderator, Trustee Chairman, and Deacon of the Central Baptist Church, where he oversaw the re-building of a pipe organ that was originally built in the 19th century by Later on, he was a member of

the Westfield High School Building Committee, the Chairman of the Westfield Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Chairman of Noble Health System, the President of the Westfield River Watershed Association, a Director of the Greater Westfield YMCA, and a Director of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce. All of these positions were held during his career in Westfield. During his retirement,

he continued to be a friend and supporter of a large number of local institutions; nevertheless, he focused most of his emphasis on historical preservation by becoming a Commissioner on the Westfield Historical Commission and founding the Westfield Museum. His primary focus was on the preservation and restoration of old gravestone markers, particularly those located at Westfield’s Old Burying Ground, which is located off of Mechanic Street. In 2009, he had his period replica of the gravestone of David III and Rebecah Dewey, which was originally erected in 1815, set and commemorated. Bob was a tenor who participated in various singing activities, including four-part choral and chorus singing.

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