Rita Bisogno Obituary

Rita Bisogno Obituary, Rita Bisogno has Died – Death

┬áRita Bisogno Death Obituary – We are deeply saddened to notify you of the passing of Rita Bisogno, who was a treasured member of our community and had resided in this area for 99 years. Her long tenure in this location made her an invaluable asset to our neighborhood.

We are breaking the news to you that she has passed away with a heavy heart. Please accept our condolences. The 20th of March, 2006 was the day that Rita moved into the Avalon, making her the resident who has maintained the longest continuous stay to this day.

Because of this, she is the resident that holds the record for the longest stay that was maintained continuously. It became a running joke among Rita and the people in her close circle to insinuate that the ship, which was then called the Avalon but is now known as “The Rita.”

Rita devoted a significant portion of her time and energy during the first five years of her work at The Avalon to participating in a wide range of cooking seminars and occasionally serving as a seminar instructor. She was successful in persuading The Avalon to cultivate a vegetable garden for a predetermined amount of time so that she may have access to freshly picked basil and tomatoes throughout that time frame.

Rita began to consider The Avalon, where she worked, to be her home and the people who worked there to be her extended family because she enjoyed her job at The Avalon so much. This led to her considering The Avalon to be her extended family.

As a result of the fact that Rita played such an important role in each and every one of our lives when she was a resident at Avalon as well as a member of the Avalon staff, we are all feeling a great deal of loss as a result of her leaving.


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