Rahni Gidding Obituary, California, Rahni Gidding has passed away - Death

Rahni Gidding Obituary, California, Rahni Gidding has passed away – Death

Rahni Gidding Obituary, Death –  During his time at Georgia Tech, where he also served in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega-Beta fraternity, worked as a staff cartoonist for the Yellow Jacket humor magazine, and earned a degree in industrial engineering, Rahni Giddings passed away in a calm and peaceful manner surrounded by his family.

After receiving his diploma, he joined the military and was eventually assigned to the 507th Parachute Airborne Infantry Regiment, which was based at Fort Benning in Georgia. After establishing a successful career as a management consultant, he moved to Chicago, where he was fortunate enough to meet the woman who would become the love of his life, Kathryn Boyle Giddings.

They relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1962, and it was there that they brought up their three children: Page, Jimmy, and Dan. Jim was a regular contributor to The Saturday Review with his cartoons. Jim’s consulting career began with the Tennessee Valley Authority and Yale & Towne, but he eventually found a home at Kurt Salmon Associates, where he has spent most of his professional life. During his time there, he was a key part of the advisory teams that worked with L.L. Bean, Orvis, Harrods, Barneys, Paul Stuart, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Home Depot, as well as other businesses, during their phases of expansion and reorganization. In 1977, the family relocated from Atlanta to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City. Jim maintained his position as a senior consultant for KSA in New York City.

He frequently took the scenic route through Central Park on his way to his offices in the Empire State Building. Jim was unable to get enough of everything that New York had to offer. In his later years, he relocated to Florida, but he continued to make frequent trips back. After reading some of E.B. White’s essays, he decided to travel to Maine in 1979 to experience the state for himself. Soon after that, he purchased a property in Brooklin, which is still the location of the family’s vacation home. While in Maine, Jim pursued his interests in classical music, literature, poetry, drawing, sailing, and golf in addition to indulging his passion for these activities. Along the way, he was a member of the Center Harbor Yacht Club and held the position of Commodore. He also constructed two mansions that look out over Eggemoggin Reach. Following his retirement, he spent their winters in Gulf Stream, Florida, where they were both members of the St. Andrews Golf Club, The Little Club, and the Gulf Stream Golf Club.

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