Petrie James Obituary

Petrie James Obituary, Petrie James Has Died – Death

Petrie James Death Obituary – Petrie James (Jamie), who lived in Normanton and passed away on Monday, January 30th at the age of 55, passed away in the hospital with his loyal wife Julie at his side. Petrie James (Jamie) lived in Normanton. Petrie James, better known as Jamie, passed away on the 30th of January.

He is a devoted father to Edan, a treasured partner to Julie, and a surrogate father to Craig and Mathew, as well as to Jamie and Steph, who are partners of Craig and Mathew, respectively. Edan is very lucky to have him as his father. In addition to that, he serves as a surrogate parent to Julie’s kid, Edan.

In addition to Carol and Billy, their children and grandchildren, Cohen, Keegan, Harmony, and Frankie, held a particular place in their hearts for Jamie. Jamie was loved and valued by all of these people. The children that Julie had developed a special affection for Jamie during the course of their time together.

In addition to being the brother of Jacqui, Val, and Laura, as well as the late Julie Anne, he is also each of their brother in addition to being their brother. He is also the uncle of the late Julie Anne. After Jamie’s passing, the loyal people in his life, such as his friends and members of his family, would mournfully miss him and think of him often. At the Pontefract Crematorium on March 1 at one o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a memorial service performed in memory of the individual who passed away.

The memorial service will be held in memory of the person who has passed away. Flowers are only allowed to be sent from immediate family members, but in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Pinderfields Intensive Care Unit by placing them in the donation box that is located just outside the exit doors of the cremation facility. Flowers are only allowed to be sent from immediate family members. We ask that only immediate family members send flowers at this time.

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