Pauline Comb Obituary, Resident of Lavalette, West Virginia has died - Death

Pauline Comb Obituary, Resident of Lavalette, West Virginia has died – Death

Pauline Comb Death, Obituary –  Pauline Comb, age 70, of Lavalette, West Virginia, passed away in the evening of Friday, January 27, 2023, at St. Mary’s Medical Center as a consequence of complications that arose as a result of surgery in addition to preexisting medical issues. She was a resident of Lavalette, West Virginia. Pauline Adkins was brought into the world on February 14, 1952, although her parents, Noah and Gladys Richardson Adkins, had both passed away before she was born.

Samuel Adkins, her older brother, was another family member who had passed away before Pauline was born. In addition to her devoted and loving husband, Jerry Combs, Jr., Pauline is survived by their three children, Fanny (Derrick) Gillespie, Hannah of Huntington, West Virginia, and son Jared Combs of Charleston, West Virginia; their cherished grandchildren, Oriana and Jacob Dellamalva of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and Jaden Plew of Lavalette; her sisters, Alice (Kenny) Osburn, Sandra Booton, Jenny Casteel.

A large amount of time was spent by her sisters Alice Osburn and Jenny Casteel by their sister’s side while she was in critical care for a period of forty days. The family would want to convey their appreciation to both of them for the love and commitment they displayed for their sibling throughout this difficult time. While Pauline was a patient in their facility, she was provided with excellent care by a huge number of doctors, nurses, and other members of their medical staff. Her family would want to take this opportunity to extend their appreciation to each of them for the help that they provided.

Pauline, a Jehovah’s Witness, found the words that Jesus spoke when he said, “Do not marvel at his, for a time is coming when all those in their graves will hear his voice and come out,” to be the source of her trust and hope for the future. Pauline held the belief that the events described in this prophesy would eventually come to pass. John 5:28

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