Paul Wright Obituary, Former Woodseats Musical Theatre Company Musical Director Died - Death

Paul Wright Obituary, Former Woodseats Musical Theatre Company Musical Director Died – Death

Paul Wright Death, Obituary –  We regret to inform you that I was given the tragic news over the weekend that Paul Wright, a former Musical Director for the Woodseats Musical Theatre Company and the Chair of the Board of Directors for the organization, passed away unexpectedly. In 1976, Paul became a member of the Woodseats Operatic Society, which was known by that name at the time, in order to serve as the Musical Director for the production of “Mikado.”

He had been the musical director for a significant number of performances and concerts prior to taking on this post, thus he carried a wealth of expertise with him. In addition to that, he served as the Organist and Choirmaster for a local church, and he led a concert featuring a large choir and a brass band for the 50th anniversary of the City Hall.

In 1987, in addition to his work as Musical Director, Paul took on the responsibility of Chairman for the organization. He took this responsibility extremely seriously and put in an incredible amount of effort to ensure that the Society’s organization and administration ran well. The concept came from Paul. In 1989, it was decided by Woodseats MTC that a youth group should be established as a stepping stone for young people aged 14 to 30 years old who were interested in joining Woodseats MTC.

They referred to themselves as “The Splinters Theater Group.” This ensemble has been playing for more than 34 years, and they are now financially independent, functioning as a group in their own right. He would be overjoyed to learn what an amazing bunch they have developed into since he joined them. In 1994, the Lyceum Theatre extended an invitation to Woodseats MTC to perform in one of its available timeslots.

Paul, along with Neil Kenyon and a number of other individuals, accepted the challenge and staged South Pacific in this stunning venue. It was such a big success that WMTC continued their performances there all the way up until 2005. Paul was constantly thinking of ways to make the Society better. Paul remained Chairman and Musical Director until 2004, when he moved with his wife Val down south, and he has lived there ever since Woodseats MTC have a lot to thank Paul for, and we send Val, his wife, and Vicky, his daughter, all of our thoughts during this very sad time. Paul passed away in 2014.

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