Oliver Beckman Obituary, Oliver Beckman has passed Away - Death

Oliver Beckman Obituary, Oliver Beckman has passed Away – Death

Oliver Beckman Death, Obituary – Oliver “Ollie” Beckman was a well-known mechanic who had lived in Batavia his entire life. He had reached the age of 89 when he passed away in peace on Friday, January 27, 2023 in his winter home in Yuma, Arizona. Oliver “Ollie” Beckman had been a resident of Batavia his entire life. Ollie spent his entire life in Batavia, where the city is located. Ollie Elmer Beckman was born in Aurora, Illinois on January 25, 1934.

He was the son of Charles Elmer Beckman and Margaret Ann (Mahara) Beckman. Ollie Elmer Beckman was named after his grandfather. Among those who continue to carry on his legacy are his children Nanette (Michael) Lamberton of Aurora, Illinois, Lisa (Thomas) Rowley of Batavia, Illinois, David (Donna) Beckman of Batavia, Illinois, and Bonnie (Richard) Paugh of West Virginia. Johanna “Joy” Tracy of Burlington, Iowa, and Alice (Larry) Locke of Sheldon, Iowa, both of whom are his sisters, as well as his friend Dorothy Staple, are among those who carry on his legacy.

He was preceded in death by both of his wives, Vidonna “Vicki” and Barbara, as well as by both of his brothers, James and Charles Jr., and both of his sisters, Mildred Carter and Gene Aldrich. In addition to his parents, he was also predeceased by both of his spouses. His parents and his siblings had all passed away before he did. He served in the United States Army from October 1956 to October 1958, and he felt a great degree of pride when he thought back on his time there. His service was from October 1956 until October 1958.

After getting married to Barbara in 1960 and losing her three years later in 1966, he was left in utter disarray when she went away. They had been married for a little over three years at the time. He was responsible for the care of all of the youngsters, and he did it with the assistance of his close friends, his neighbors, and members of his own family. Ollie’s Garage, which he and Vicki established in 1984 and which operates successfully to this day, was given his name in honor of Ollie. Both Dave, Ollie’s son, and Tyler, Ollie’s grandson, are carrying on the family custom that was established by their parents and ancestors before them.

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