Oliver Agius Obituary, Oliver Agius Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Oliver Agius Obituary, Oliver Agius Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Oliver Agius Death, Obituary –¬†The Old Motors Club of Malta is in mourning over the loss of a long-time member in their organization as a result of the passing of Oliver Agius, which they learned about recently. Throughout a significant chunk of the club’s existence, Oliver was an active member of it. I pray that God will grant him eternal rest in peace and that those who were closest to him and others who knew him will have the strength they need to get through this trying time.

At the Valletta Concourse d’Elegance, Oliver can be seen grinning with joy as he unveils his Citroen to the crowd.¬†Oliver’s mother, Tammie Oliver, resides in Hartford, while his father, Brian Oliver, resides in Waterbury. Brian Oliver is their son. Additionally residing in Hartford is Brian Oliver.

In addition, he is survived by one sister, Khloe Morrile; four aunts, Tasha and Kizzie Oliver, and Vanessa Holmes (all of whom reside in Hartford, Connecticut); four uncles, George and Charles Oliver of Hartford, Connecticut; Ernest and Shawn Oliver of New Jersey; and a large number of other aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and very close friends. He will be greatly missed by all of these people. In addition to his immediate family, he is survived by a large number of aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and extremely close pals. The day he passed away was

Before he was born, all of his maternal ancestors, including his maternal great-grandparents James and Dorothy Oliver, his maternal grandparents Dorothy Oliver and George Johnson, his maternal aunts Kutaka and Roxanne, and his maternal paternal grandparents Ernest Oliver and Rebecca Kelly, had already passed away. His maternal paternal grandparents were also deceased. His paternal and maternal aunt Kutaka and his paternal and maternal aunt Roxanne both passed away before he was born.

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