Nora Galloway Obituary, London ON, Award winning Hall of Famer has Died - Death

Nora Galloway Obituary, London ON, Award winning Hall of Famer has Died – Death

Nora Galloway Obituary, Death – After moving away from her hometown of Stratford to attend the University of Western Ontario in 1975, Nora Galloway made her debut on the music scene in London that same year. She began her musical career by performing in a duo with another student named Trish Colter (who just recently retired from her teaching position at Humber College.)

The Colter and Galloway combo got their start performing together at Uncle Billie’s Folk club, which was located in the basement of Fryfogles. After that, they moved on to Smales Pace, and then to The Change of Pace, which succeeded Smales Pace. In the later part of the 1980s, she was a member of the band Prairie Wing, which was a country/rock band with a hint of rockabilly.

In addition to performing in local venues such as JR’s, Town and Country, and the Embassy, they spent eight years traveling across Canada and recorded a live album during that time. She continues to perform alongside others from that band on occasion (Ronnie D and Rod Perkins.) After that, she joined forces with Donna Creighton and Jo-Anne Lawton to form the folk group known as “the Sirens.”

She went on to form her own band, “The Galloway Band,” with Rod Perkins and Kieran Kane, and toured Europe with them after releasing two albums with the Sirens. The second band she founded was a traditional country group called the Decorative Knobs. This band also toured Europe and recorded one album. Guitarist Jerry Fletcher, who is now in the London Music Hall of Fame, was a member of this band.

After that, she was a member of Foxtail, a bluegrass band that was famous all over the world and was based in Ontario. They did a lot of touring in Michigan and other southern states. She was a member of Foxtail for ten years. They recorded two CDs, and she went on to win the Central Canadian Bluegrass Award for female vocalist of the year in 2005. The following year, she took home a trophy at the BX 93 Country Awards, and in 2011, she was honored with the Jack Richardson Bluegrass Award.

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