Nicola Bulley Missing - 45-year-old vanished walking her dog in Lancashire

Nicola Bulley Missing – 45-year-old vanished While walking her dog in Lancashire

Nicola Bulley Missing – The hunt for a woman who vanished as she was walking her dog beside a river has entered its fourth day, and the police have stated that they are “very concerned” about the situation. Nicola Bulley, 45 years old, was last seen walking down a pathway in the town of Wyre, Lancashire, on January 27 at 9:15 in the morning. Since then, she has not been seen.

The mother’s mobile phone, which was discovered on a bench close to the riverbank off Garstang Road in St. Michael’s on Wyre, was still connected to a conference call when it was discovered. Additionally, the mother’s brown-colored spaniel was found close to the location where she was last seen. “About an hour later, both the dog and her cell phone were located, so her family as well as we are really concerned about her whereabouts. The Lancashire Police have stated that they have “launched an extremely intensive operation to try to find Nicola.”

Sally Riley, the Superintendent, mentioned that her dog was discovered running free between the river and the bench. She stated that she did not feel her disappearance was the subject of a “criminal investigation” and that she was maintaining a “very open mind about what could have happened.” Superintendent Riley stated that there is a strong possibility that Nicola has vanished without a trace. According to the police, a member of the public spotted her at approximately 9:15 in the morning, and her family reported to the police that she had vanished.

Superintendent Riley, who stated that Ms. Bulley was familiar with the region and frequently went on that walk in the past, remarked that the level of anxiety is growing with each passing day. She made the following statement: “We have a big region to search. It is true that people can go missing, but it is also obvious that our concern about Nicola is growing as more time passes.

However, we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will soon discover anything that will allow us to bring her home in a healthy and safe condition. Extensive searches are currently being conducted in the region by a combination of resources, including police dive teams, fire service drones, search dogs, helicopters, and volunteers from mountain rescue. Officers have stated that they are also providing support to Nicola’s family and that they will continue to maintain regular communication with them.

According to the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team (BPMRT), there were 25 volunteers who participated in the search over the course of eight hours on Saturday. North West Ambulance Service, Lancashire Police, the Police Dive Team, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS), the National Police Air Service (Helicopter), an LFRS Search Dog, and an LFRS Drone assisted them in their efforts.

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