Misty Kelso Obituary

Misty Kelso Obituary, Misty Kelso Has Passed Away – Death

Misty Kelso Death, Obituary – On February 3, 2023, at the age of 34, Misty Marie Sutton Kelso passed away after being secretly transported to heaven without anyone’s knowledge. She had been there for a short time. She was a devoted mother to her four beautiful children, and she took a great deal of satisfaction from accompanying them to all of their athletic competitions so that she could cheer them on and share her excitement in their successes. Her children were beautiful, and she was proud of them all. Her children were active participants in a diverse range of sporting activities.

When she made her request, it would have been extremely challenging to refuse her once she smiled that stunning smile of hers. Everyone who learns of her leaving will suffer feelings that cannot be appropriately expressed as heartbreak. These emotions cannot be adequately articulated as heartbreak. Her maternal and paternal grandparents, Nana Dee and Papaw Tom Largen, Doris Underwood, Elnora Humphries, and Papaw Charles Lovell, all passed away before she was born.

Her maternal and paternal great-grandmothers and grandfathers were also deceased. Her paternal grandparents were named Doris Underwood, Elnora Humphries, and Papaw Charles Lovell. They all lived on her father’s side of the family. Her great-grandmothers on both her mother’s and her father’s side, in addition to both of her grandfathers, had all passed away by the time she was born. Her grandfather was named after Charles Lovell, and her grandmother was named after Elnora Humphries and Papaw Charles Lovell.

Her grandfather was named after Charles Lovell, and her grandmother was named after Doris Underwood. They all lived on the side of the family that belonged to her father, which was her mother’s side of the family. After Misty has passed away, her parents and her husband Chris Kelso, who was a diligent worker, are the only people who will remember her. Her friends and coworkers will not. Only Misty’s mother, Mary Underwood, and her father, John Underwood, will remember Misty after she has passed away.

They are the only persons who will have done so. After Denise Thompson’s mother passed away, both her father, John Underwood, and Jerry, who had previously been her mother’s husband, had gone on with their lives. John Underwood is now a successful businessman, and Jerry has remarried. Additionally, she is survived by her devoted children Elijah, also known as Eli, Kylie, Jace, and Kortlynn. She was also known as Eli.

There are a number of people who will be able to carry on her legacy after she has died away. These people include her two siblings, Michael Sutton and Amanda Galyon, as well as four nieces, three nephews, and her husband Jerry. In addition, she has a total of eight cousins. In addition, her husband Jerry, who she wed, is going to miss her a great deal and think of her often.

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