Michael Gidewon Obituary, Co-owner of a popular Atlanta lounge Has Passe Away - Death

Michael Gidewon Obituary, Co-owner of a popular Atlanta lounge Has Passe Away – Death

Michael Gidewon Death, Obituary –  The Atlanta Police Department has reported that the co-owner of a well-known nightclub in the city of Atlanta was shot and killed early on Saturday morning at the location of his place of business, which is also the location where the homicide took place. As a result of the findings of the investigation that was carried out by the medical examiner for Fulton County, it was determined that Michael Gidewon was the individual who had passed away.

This individual’s age has not been disclosed to the general public as of this moment. 11Alive’s Karys Belger was told by a security guard that someone who had been kicked out of the club for being too intoxicated had returned with a gun and ended up shooting and killing one of the club’s owners, Gidewon. The incident was reported by the security guard to Karys Belger of 11Alive. 11Alive’s Karys Belger was the recipient of the security guard’s report regarding the incident.

In Atlanta, he is a co-owner of the Republic Lounge, which is a well-known venue in the nightlife and entertainment industry of that city. The lounge is also owned in part by his brother, Alex Gidewon, who is also one of his business partners. In addition to that, he is connected with AG Entertainment in some capacity. A call reporting that a person had been shot at the Republic Lounge, which can be found at 990 Brady Avenue NW, was received by the department at approximately 6:55 a.m., according to the statement made by the department. According to the reports, law enforcement officers located the lifeless body of Michael at the location where the shooting occurred.

The alleged employee of the Republic Lounge on Brady Avenue who worked as a security guard insisted that he was present during the incident in which shots were fired inside the establishment. He asserted that he was in the area when the shots were fired. An individual who had been asked to leave the lounge in the past due to their excessive level of intoxication was later reported to have returned with a firearm, as stated by the security guard.

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