Michael Burns Obituary, Michael Burns has passed Away - Death

Michael Burns Obituary, Michael Burns has passed Away – Death

Michael Burns Death, Obituary – A truly remarkable individual has passed away. This week, Mandy’s father, Michael Burns, went away in a sudden and unexpected manner. Even though this information is extremely upsetting and tragic, we are so thankful to have you in our lives and ask that you pray for Mandy and our family to find peace during this time of celebration as we honor the life of her father. Michael Burns sacrificed his own happiness in order to make the lives of those around him more fulfilling by devoting his life to the service of others.

The creation of his family was one of his proudest accomplishments. He was a part of the upbringing of five beautiful children, and the legacy of “Papa Bear” will continue on in the lives of his eight grandchildren. Because Michael Burns loved deeply and fully lived his life, the world is a better place today. Even though I didn’t have enough money in my bank account to pay for lunch, dad encouraged me to marry Mandy and gave me his blessing to do so.

He took me in as a member of his family and through the years he shared with me a wealth of knowledge regarding what it meant to provide for and nurture a family. (After experiencing Unbroken Promise for the first time, he also put his hands on my head and put me in a headlock under the marquee of the Bijou Theatre.)

He kept to himself, had a dry sense of humor, and was consistently the most knowledgeable person in the room. He put in a lot of effort every day. He was completely unselfish. He was an excellent cook who specialized in low country boils, crab legs, and homemade donuts, which he prepared by shaking sugar and cinnamon into brown paper bags before placing them in the oven.

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