Mercedes Cephas Obituary Cincinnati, Ohio, Mercedes Cephas Has Died - Death

Mercedes Cephas Obituary Cincinnati, Ohio, Mercedes Cephas Has Died – Death

Mercedes Cephas Obituary, Death – The seventh season of “My 600-Pound Life” on TLC centered on Mercedes Cephas and her journey to lose some of the excess weight she had gained over the years. Now would be an excellent moment to talk about her life once the show has finished airing. Younan Nowzaradan, who also goes by the name “Dr. Now,” plays the role of “Dr. Now” in the television show “Dr. Now,” in which he advises his morbidly obese patients on how to lower their weight in order to improve their overall health. There are times when everything goes smoothly and the patients grow better while they are watching the program.

This is one of those times. However, numerous members of the cast have trouble getting around the stage. Mercedes was 37 years old when she was born and raised in the state of Ohio. She was a mother to two of her own offspring. When she appeared on the show, she was suffering from severe lymphedema and weighed 773 pounds. Because of her excessive obesity, she was unable to get out of bed and required assistance from not just her immediate family but also her extended relatives and her children. The subject of the documentary titled “My 600-Pound Life” asserts that the traumatic events she endured as a child at the hands of her father were the primary driving force behind her addiction to food.

She stated that he had sexually abused her on many times, the first of which took place when she was just 11 years old. She also stated that he had done this to other people. When she went to visit Dr. Now, he advised her that in order to keep her organs healthy, she needed to reduce the amount of weight that she carried around with her. Mercedes was unable to meet the requirements necessary to qualify for bariatric surgery due to the fact that she did not have sufficient financial resources. She was caught on many occasions lying to Dr. Now, and she was also heard complaining about the tight regimen that she was had to follow in order to reduce her weight before to the surgery. In the end, she was only able to lose 81 pounds, which was not enough for the surgeon to feel confident doing the operation.

It has been reported by Republic World that Mercedes has moved back to Cincinnati, which is a city in the state of Ohio. This information was obtained through Mercedes’s Facebook profile. Her online profile indicates that she does not now hold a position that needs her to travel for work. In spite of the fact that Mercedes hasn’t been very active on social media since the publication of My 600-Pound Life, it doesn’t look like she’s lost any further weight.

Mercedes made the decision to start a “medical” GoFundMe campaign after the popularity of her previous effort, “My 600-Pound Life.” Her objective was to bring in sufficient funds to enable her to bear the financial burden of the operation on her own. The fact that she only received $175 meant that she was unable to meet her goal of $10,000, which she had set for herself. In January 2021, there was a story that was spreading online that Mercedes had passed away; however, there was no proof to support this claim and the rumor was not true. It is currently unknown what it is that she intends to achieve with these actions. Although she does have Facebook and Instagram profiles, she does not post very frequently on either one of them. That was the last time she updated her status on Facebook; the most recent change to her profile photo was made in July of 2020.

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