Matua Sakaria Obituary, Matua Sakaria Has Passed Away - Death

Matua Sakaria Obituary, Matua Sakaria Has Passed Away – Death

Matua Sakaria Death, Obituary – At St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota on March 22, 1929, Beverly Boelter was brought into the world by her parents, Sylvester and Altha (Berg) Boelter. She attended Rochester High School and graduated in the year 1947. She received extra training in secretarial and office work during her one year of attendance at Rochester Junior College. After completing the college program, she worked in the Business Office of the Rochester Public Schools initially on a part-time basis and subsequently on a full-time basis for a period of five years.

On September 18, 1951, she wed a man whose name was Gerald “Jerry” Nelson. She remained in Rochester even though her husband was stationed in Korea for the whole of his military service. Near 1953, they constructed a home in Altura, Minnesota, which served as the setting for the upbringing of their children. Cynthia “Cindy” Nelson, who lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida; William “Bill” Nelson, who lives in Plymouth, Minnesota; and Kenneth “Kenny,” who lives in Racine, Minnesota; were their three children.

She had seven great grandkids and six grandchildren, three of whom were the children of her son Kenny and three of whom were the children of her son Bill. After relocating to Altura, she initially obtained a part-time job at the Altura State Bank, and then she obtained a full-time job at Hubbard Foods, which is the turkey processing facility in the area. She held the post of office manager till she retired in the year 1991.

She and her husband spent several winters in Mesa, Arizona, and thoroughly loved themselves there. They delighted in the warm weather and the camaraderie of the other elderly people there. She was a fan of bridge and a variety of other card games. Bowling was one of her favorite activities when she was younger. Her parents and her husband passed away before her. She did not survive them.

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