Matthew Dale Obituary

Matthew Dale Obituary, Matthew Dale At Age 43 Has Passed Away – Death

Matthew Dale Death, Obituary – A coroner in the county of Cheshire has questioned the level of care that was given to a severely crippled man who sadly passed away unexpectedly after choking on a piece of his incontinence pad. The man’s death was the result of an accident in which he choked on the piece of his pad. The tragic circumstance that resulted in the man’s passing was that he passed away as a result of suffocating on a piece of his incontinence pad.

At the year 2020, on the 27th of December, Matthew Dale, who had formerly called Warrington home, passed away in the nursing home known as Vancouver House in Netherley, which is situated in the neighborhood of Liverpool known as Netherley. Matthew Dale had previously called Warrington home. The town of Warrington was once Matthew Dale’s primary residence.

Matthew, who was 43 years old, struggled with a wide array of difficult conditions, some of which were substantial learning deficiencies, autism, a visual impairment, and bipolar affective disease. Matthew’s age was one of the factors that contributed to his struggles. Additionally, Matthew struggled with his vision. In addition to that, he experienced difficulties with his vision. Matthew, too, had a difficult time coping with the issues that he was experiencing with his vision.

In February of 2011, he uprooted his life and looked for a new residence in Vancouver House, where he also started working. He did both of these things simultaneously. This move took place right about the same time that he started his new work. Before he moved into the assisted living facility in 2010, he had a history of unintentionally consuming four meals in a row that were not meant for human consumption due to the fact that he believed they were okay for him to eat.

These incidents occurred because he was under the impression that it was okay for him to eat them. He did this since he was under the notion that they were healthy for him to ingest, but he later realized his mistake. Even after he moved into the residential care facility, he continued to exhibit these behaviors for the duration of his stay at the facility. On December 15, 2020 and again on December 26, 2020, Matthew made two separate attempts to swallow a piece of his incontinence pad.

The first attempt occurred on December 15, 2020, and the second attempt occurred on December 26, 2020. In the days before Matthew’s death, several attempts were made to take Matthew’s life. The outcomes of these two attempts, both of which were unsuccessful, are the same. In the days coming up to Matthew’s final loss in his battle against cancer, these efforts were put forth in an attempt to help him. In the end, he was not able to accomplish the things that he had planned out for himself and set out to do.

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