Maria Rios Obituary, Maria Rios Has Passed Away - Death

Maria Rios Obituary, Maria Rios Has Passed Away – Death

Maria Rios Death, Obituary – On Thursday, a guy from Houston was taken into custody in connection with the death of a lady whose body was discovered in a recently constructed home in La Marque. Evidence that was discarded in a garbage led police to identify Carlos Lara-Balcazar, 34, as the person they believe to be responsible for the murder. The distance between the residence of Lara-Balcazar and the dumpster is around seven minutes.

Following the issuance of a warrant for his arrest, he was eventually hauled into custody at the flat he was living in on Broadway Street close to Galveston Road. According to the police, after receiving medical attention for the injuries he sustained during his arrest, he was sent to the Galveston County Sherif’s Office Jail.

Maria Rios, 57, was discovered dead on Tuesday in a “bloody” scene inside a house at a construction site on Green Jay Lane in Rosharon. This location is close to the intersection of Delany Road and Texas Avenue. The house is located in the brand-new neighborhood of Sunset Grove.

Janelle Bludau, from KHOU 11, spoke with Rios’ daughter, who stated that she does not understand why somebody would want to harm her mother. My sister just phoned me to let me know that they couldn’t locate her and couldn’t find her anywhere. They were unsuccessful in locating her vehicle, “added Cynthia Espindola, Rios’ daughter.

The conversation between Espindola and KHOU 11 took place from her residence in Japan. Because of this new development, she and her family will be required to make an unplanned trip to Houston.
According to the police, Rios was the owner of the company that had the contract to clean the home once it was finished being built.

She raised three daughters and was a grandma to four grandchildren in addition to being a mother.Everyone was dear to her heart. She was the one who spoke for the whole family. That one that brought everyone in the family back together, “Espindola added. “I just find it impossible to imagine that someone could be that wicked to do something to a woman who did not in any way deserve it,” the speaker said.

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