Louise Temple Obituary, Louise Temple Has Passed Away - Death

Louise Temple Obituary, Louise Temple Has Passed Away – Death

Louise Temple Death, Obituary – Our mother’s final two months on this earth were filled with a lot of struggle. She triumphed over a great deal. On Sunday, we had just about given up hope that she would ever improve, but we noticed a slight improvement in her condition. Yes, she was treated for a DVT while she was in the hospital.

She ended up with a blood clot that extended from the middle of her calf all the way up into her vena cava as a result of her unexpected inability to walk for the past two months and the lack of care she had at the nursing home she was staying in during that time (above the stomach). On Monday, she underwent the treatment that was necessary to remove the clot.

The medical staff had high hopes that it would be successful, despite the fact that there was always a possibility of bleeding. On Monday night, Mom didn’t feel well and threw up because of her illness. The nurse assumed that it was only the result of the drugs that the patient had been given in preparation for the procedure. However, unfortunately, she experienced a major and sudden brain bleed on Tuesday morning (which doctors feel may have been preceded by a stroke).

The harm was referred to by the doctors as “catastrophic and permanent,” and they did not advocate surgery due to the fact that the damage had already been done. It was predicted that Mom would never be able to eat, swallow, or speak again. She would have problems breathing, and for the remainder of her life, she would have to use a feeding tube. Mom had no intention of ever living like that. At the age of 80, mom passed away quietly on Thursday evening, with both me and her great granddaughter at her side.

When it came to matters of money, Mom had always been a very private person, which was a source of frustration for her children. She never disclosed any of that information to her husband, who is also my father, or to any other person, for that matter. Mom was a devoted and loving mother and grandmother to a large number of people throughout her life. That was her “job,” as it were. And while dad was always there to help others in his role as a mechanic for many years, he was forced to retire owing to his own health problems, and he is now having trouble making ends meet. With the limited resources they had, Mom and Dad managed their finances responsibly and lived within their means.

Nobody in the family was ready for this, not the mother, nor the father, and certainly not us (the rest of the family). Mom was confident that she would outlive Dad, and if we had been in her position, we would have assumed the same thing. Everything transpired so quickly and in such an unexpected manner.

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