Louise Harrison Obituary

Louise Harrison Obituary, Caldwell Sister Of George Harrison Has Died – Death

Louise Harrison Obituary, Death – Louise Harrison Caldwell, who was the sister of George Harrison, passed away in a tranquil and peaceful manner on Sunday, January 29, 2019, in her assisted living home in Sarasota, Florida. She had been residing there since Sunday. She is 91 years old and has lived a full life. Lou, who lived in Benton, Illinois at the time, was very helpful to me from the very beginning of my time serving as President of the one and only Official George Harrison Fan Club during the time that I was serving as President of the fan club.

In point of fact, the complete of the Harrison/French/Caldwell Family was there for me whenever I needed assistance in any way. They continued to talk to me and care for me as if I were a member of their family right up until the very last moment. At the Festival for Beatles Fans, often known as Beatlefest, I finally got the opportunity to meet Lou in person for the first time. When she saw me, she instantly gave me a bear embrace and introduced me to her assistant by saying, “This is Pat.

There is a connection between us in some way. After Lou passed away, she was survived by her daughter, Leslie, as well as her grandson, Tory, as well as her daughter-in-law, Carol, as well as her grandsons, Robert and Gunner. She was also survived by her daughter-in-law, Carol’s grandchildren, Robert and Gunner. In addition to a sizable number of relatives, nieces, and nephews, she is survived by her brother Harry and her sister-in-law Irene. She is also survived by a big number of cousins. The 15th of October 2018 was the day she went away.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that despite appearances, there is always a bright side to any situation. On Friday, January 27, the joyous event that took place was that Lou’s Grandson Robert, who is the son of her son Gordon, became a father for the very first time. This was a momentous occasion for the entire family. Gunner Everett Caldwell was born to Robert and his fiancee Brittany, who are both ecstatic to have become parents following the arrival of their son. Gunner entered the world earlier than expected (if you can believe it, he was intended to arrive on George’s birthday, which is on February 25!). Gunner’s arrival was a pleasant surprise.

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