Lindsey Garmon Obituary, Lindsey Garmon Has Passed Away - Death

Lindsey Garmon Obituary, Lindsey Garmon Has Passed Away – Death

Lindsey Garmon Death, Obituary – On the 28th of January in the year 2023, Lindsey Ann Garmon, who had been a resident of the city of Wichita in the state of Kansas, passed away unexpectedly. Lindsey will be remembered by her two children, Bailey-Nicole Moss-Whitney and Jensen Elkins, as well as by her two sisters, Nicole Ortiz and Kelsey Garmon, as well as by four nieces, seven nephews, relatives, and cherished friends. In addition, Lindsey leaves behind a large extended family that includes four nieces and seven nephews.

Her paternal grandma Cheryl Whitney and her maternal grandfather John Moss all passed away before she was born. Her grandmother Donna Moss also passed away. Lindsey is known for being a person who is generous and has a good heart by those around her. Many people knew they could count on her to be there for them anytime they needed assistance from her since she was the kind of person who always put others first.

Her family and friends, especially her children, are going to miss her tremendously, and she will always be remembered fondly by them. Her memory will endure for all time in their hearts. The memorial service for Lindsey will be an intimate gathering that will take place at a later date and time. Donations to the funeral home to help pay for the costs associated with the funeral would be far more helpful to the family than flowers at this time. Please consider sending your support in this way.

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