Lieutenant Russell Obituary

Lieutenant Russell Obituary , A Member Of Edmundson Police Department Has Passed Away – Death

Lieutenant Russell Death, Obituary – The Edmundson Police Department would like to send its most heartfelt condolences and extend its deepest sympathies to the members of the Edmundson community at this time as they are breaking the tragic news to the citizens of Edmundson that one of their own has passed away.

In addition, the Edmundson Police Department would like to extend its deepest sympathies to the citizens of Edmundson. The residents of Edmundson are being updated on this information by community members who are part of the Edmundson community.

In addition, the Edmundson Police Department would like to express its most heartfelt sympathies to everyone in the Edmundson community in the wake of the horrible tragedy that took place earlier today. They have it in their plans to make the information available to the general public as well as all of the people of Edmundson at the same time.

On January 26, 2023, Lieutenant Russell “Russ” Poole Jr. passed away suddenly while he was at ease in the comforts of his own home. His passing came as a complete and total surprise. Up until the moment he passed away, he had a positive attitude on life. In addition, the reason for his passing was a mystery right up until the very end of the investigation.

Over the course of his professional life, Russ has spent more than 15 years working in the field of law enforcement. He has spent the majority of those years employed at the Edmundson Police Department, where he has worked his way up through a variety of ranks during the course of his tenure there. Over the course of his professional career, Russ has logged more than 15 years of experience working in the field of law enforcement.

11 of those 15 years have been spent working at that location since I’ve been there. I’ve been there for the past 15 years. I have been residing in that location for the past 15 years. Since I moved there fifteen years ago, I consider it to be my permanent home. Ever since I made that move there fifteen years ago, I’ve come to think of it as my permanent home.

As a direct result of hearing the tragic news that Russ had passed away, absolutely everyone would, without a shred of a doubt, suffer through an unbelievable level of sadness as a reaction to the information that was communicated to them.

During this trying time, we ask that you pray for those who were closest to him as well as his friends. Thank you for your consideration. We are grateful for your thoughtful consideration. I am appreciative of the fact that you have taken this into consideration. We are thankful for the thorough attention that you have provided to this matter.

I would want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving this issue the thoughtful consideration that it deserves. We are grateful for the thoughtful consideration that you have given to this matter, and we thank you for it.

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