Liegea Lopez Car Accident, Dallas TX, Business owner and leader in Oak Cliff Has Died - Death

Liegea Lopez Car Accident, Dallas TX, Business owner and leader in Oak Cliff Has Died – Death

Liegea Lopez Car Accident – I wouldn’t exactly call myself at a loss for words. mainly due to the fact that there are a lot of different ways to describe Liegea Lopez. My current thought is that there is not enough time. This woman who gave her whole heart to serving her community was taken from them far too soon. Only five days ago, I had shared a memory that Facebook had brought to my attention from four years earlier. It was a party in honor of Gea’s best friend Leticia Saenz.

It was through her that I was able to get to know Liegea. I’ll never forget the day that Gea and I first met. I went to see Leticia’s sister, my dear and longtime friend Laura Ramirez, at the hospital. Laura is Leticia’s sister. After being introduced to me, Gea expressed how happy she was to finally make my acquaintance. She mentioned that she had seen my post and was aware of my activism.

She included me, and from that moment on, we hit it off immediately! She is the type of woman who is unafraid to speak her mind and gets right to the point. No non-sense. On many topics, we were in complete agreement with one another. I have, at long last, found a woman who is equally as outspoken as I am. Her merits far outweighed her candor in this regard. Her stunning appearance was matched only by her fierceness. Her strength was comparable to that of any man, and on some occasions, it was even greater.

She had mentioned to me at one point that she aspired to become as involved in the community as I am. This is when we first spoke to one another. I advised her to ensure that she made time for herself every day. I told her that there were times when I felt like I was completely spent. When you put in a lot of effort, you may find that you attract haters and end up feeling unappreciated. I encouraged her to say “no” when necessary and to prioritize spending time with her children and family.

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