Lester Jones Obituary, Nicolette Peel Has Passed Away - Death

Lester Jones Obituary, Lester Jones Has Passed Away – Death

Lester Jones Death, Obituary – Lester Jones, age 58, committed suicide after the loss of his wife, Traci-Marie Jones, age 52, who had been the victim of a homicide. Traci-Marie Jones had been shot and killed. It appeared like Traci-Marie Jones had been killed by a gunshot. According to a report that was compiled by the CME’s Office, both of the victims died as a direct result of gunshot wounds. Both of the victims died in the same manner.

Documents that are available to the public indicate that the couple tied the knot in 1999, and on January 24, Tracie-Marie Jones acquired a restraining order against Lester Jones. The order was issued because Tracie-Marie Jones feared that Lester Jones would harm her or their child. Additionally, the documents reveal that the couple shares parental responsibilities for their offspring.

Tuesday night at 11:49 p.m., a resident of a property located on Reservoir Street close to Route 53 called the Bethel Police Department to report that they could hear yelling coming from the residence. The yelling could be heard coming from within the home. It was possible to make out the shouts coming from within the house. Both the man and the woman appeared to be suffering from what appeared to be gunshot wounds when emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

According to the police, even though they started treating them, the woman was pronounced dead at the apartment where they were found. According to the findings of the autopsy that was conducted by the Medical Examiner’s Office, Traci-Marie Jones was shot not only in the body but also in the head before she went away. This information was gleaned from the examination of her body after she had passed away.

Her husband had been shot in the head and was taken to Danbury Hospital, but the staff there pronounced him dead not long after he arrived. The shooting had taken place earlier in the day. The head wound was caused by the bullet that had been fired.

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