Leon Busuttil Obituary, Leon Busuttil Has Passed Away - Death

Leon Busuttil Obituary, Leon Busuttil Has Passed Away – Death

Leon Busuttil Death, Obituary –As a result of the innumerable contributions that Leon Paul Busuttil made to the Bundoora Baseball Club over the course of the years, the club is left with a broken heart as it says goodbye to Busuttil. His passing has left the Bundoora Baseball Club with a broken heart.

The giant baseball player who not only has a big heart but also has a big left-handed swing and an outstanding understanding of how the game of baseball is played. Not only is he big, but everything about him is big. Will be remembered as a loving and devoted father who took great pleasure in providing for and doting on his boys Ricky and Brendan.

He will be missed (both of whom are currently footballers). People’s recollections of him will always include references to this facet of his life. During this extremely difficult moment, on behalf of all of the present and former players in the organization who have been a part of this team, we would like to extend our condolences to the Busuttil family.

Mr. Busuttil was a very good friend of ours. We are aware that everyone concerned is going through a difficult moment right now. Please remember everyone at Vale in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your cooperation. We ask that you take our well-wishes, thoughts, and prayers into consideration. All of you are continuously in our thoughts and prayers. I hope and pray that things will settle down for you, Leon, and that you’ll be able to find some peace and quiet in the not too distant future.

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