Lena Shepheard Obituary, Lena Shepheard has passed Away - Death

Lena Shepheard Obituary, Lena Shepheard has passed Away – Death

Lena Shepheard Death, Obituary – On January 16th, 2023, Lena Igou Shepheard passed away in Chattanooga. Her passing occurred in the month of January. Her passing occurred in the local jurisdiction in which she was residing at the time. She had reached the age of 55 at the time of her departure, which indicates that she had already lived a full life prior to her departure. Consequently, she had nothing more to accomplish in her life.

This is the date on which she stopped breathing for the very last time before she passed away. Because she was born on March 9, 1967, her father, Lennell M. Shepheard, Sr., and her mother, Mary J. Shepheard, were given the chance to become her parents, and she was given the chance to become their daughter. Both of these opportunities were made possible by the fact that she was born.

Both of her parents, namely her father Lennell M. Shepheard, Sr. and her mother Mary J. Shepheard, have the same name. In addition to that, they gave to her the invitation to become a member of their family in the role of their daughter. She was successful in achieving the academic requirements necessary to obtain her high school graduation from Brainerd High School, where she was enrolled for all four years of her high school career and attended classes throughout those years.

The transition into the next life had already been made by both of Lena’s parents, as well as by her son, Andrew Shepheard, before Lena herself passed away.
Following her passing, the individuals listed below are the ones who will be responsible for carrying on her legacy: There are a total of five brothers in the Shepheard family, and their names are Lennell Shepheard, Jr., (Veronica Cotton), Jamison Shepheard, Jermaine Shepheard, and Isaiah Shepheard.

In addition, there are two sisters named Mary C. Shepheard and Terra N. Shepheard, as well as cousins named Chastity Tucker, Michael Woodley, Tawana Woodley, and Reginald Woodley. Mary C. and Terra N. Shepheard are both from the same family. Both Mary C. Shepheard and her sister, Terra N. Shepheard, have the middle name “Terra.” There is also a companion present, in addition to four nephews, six nieces, and a companion.

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