Lee Yancey Obituary, Lee Yancey has passed Away - Death

Lee Yancey Obituary, Lee Yancey has passed Away – Death

Lee Yancey Death, Obituary – Yesterday, Lee Yancey went away in an unexpected manner. This came as a complete and utter surprise, and we are beyond devastated by the implications of this information. We are all going to have a really difficult time with this. As We write this, We are having trouble processing everything that has happened. Not only was he my father, but he was also my closest friend. Because we are currently unable to properly handle all of this information, additional arrangements need to be made.

We will make an effort to respond to everyone of you, and we are grateful that you have reached out to us. To the extent that you are able, please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. My dad was the most honorable and honorable man I’ve ever met. Leonadus Franklin Yancey Jr (Lee Yancey) was a man who was the absolute embodiment of the word man and a gentle giant. He was the very definition of a strong person. He was an incredible example to his family as a parent, husband, and brother.

Both his laughter and smile were infectious, and he always did his best to share both with others on a regular basis. When We called, he was always eager to talk, even if the call was about nothing in particular, and there was never a day when he didn’t want to talk. He was attentive to those he cared about and ensured they knew he loved them at all times. My earliest memories of Dad involve him carrying me on his shoulders while we were at parades or air shows when we was a child. Other memories include us working on the farm together, grilling steaks and having guy talk with each other, watching countless movies, and so on.

The common thread that runs through all of these memories is that they are all happy ones. We used to talk about how amazing my dad was when we was a kid, and we still do it even now, about his size, his demeanor, and the fact that he was a real man’s man. He was my hero. However, hidden beneath all of this was a humble composure. He did not need or want for many things. A man of modest interests and pleasures and he was truly pleased. He was likewise unflappable and made it a point to never air his grievances. One who exemplifies the term “gentleman” in every way.

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