Lauren Hetherington Obituary

Lauren Hetherington Obituary, Lauren Hetherington Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Lauren Hetherington Death, Obituary – As a result of the sudden passing of Lauren Hetherington, all of us are in a situation that can only be described as total and absolute devastation. Rest in peace, Dottie Carberry, wife of Gareth, mother to current students Matilda and Tobie, as well as younger daughter Dottie, daughter of Ann and Barry Carberry (both of whom have now passed away), sister of Jonathan, Christopher, and Jessica. RIP. Matilda and Tobie are currently enrolled at this school. Their mother is here.

The moment anyone at BPOL laid eyes on Lauren, they all acknowledged who she was and liked her right away. Both in the morning and in the afternoon, she would enthusiastically strike up a discussion with everybody and everyone she came into contact with. Everyone liked her due to the extroverted character she possessed as well as the genuine kindness that she radiated.

It is very astonishing how Lauren showed thankfulness, appreciation, laughter, and concern for those around her in the immediate setting in which she found herself. She was someone that many people in our school community could count on as a friend, including kids, parents, and members of the faculty and staff. She has both kindness and compassion. She was often sending thoughtful messages, emails, greeting cards, and presents that were intended to be kept for an extended period of time. x

Lauren consistently shown an eagerness to assist with PSG events and to fill in wherever she was needed to do so. She was a friend who a good number of the people in our PSG looked up to in a very admirable way. Nothing appeared to bother her more than it ought to have at any point in time. When we required someone to organize the Christmas lights in the village all through the month of December of the previous year, Lauren was the one who took care of everything for us.

Lauren was the one who helped us get our Christmas events back on track after we experienced some technical difficulties with our stage lighting. It was a stroke of good fortune that she was married to Gareth, a very skilled electrician who was able to solve the issue. Gareth was a person who was held in very high esteem by all.

Lauren was the type of person who constantly sought to improve herself, and as a result, she held herself to an exceptionally high level in all aspects of her day-to-day existence. After much discussion and thought, each and every action was ultimately decided upon. Her unshakable commitment to her family was admirable.

Her children were her pride & joy. She was a devoted and affectionate daughter as well as a wife. She was the friend who was the most amazing and thoughtful of all of her other pals. Gareth, Matilda, Tobie, and Dottie and Ann, along with everyone else in the BPOL community, will always have the support of those around them.

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