Laquinta Bonds Obituary, Laquinta Bonds Has Passed Away - Death

Laquinta Bonds Obituary, Laquinta Bonds Has Passed Away – Death

Laquinta Bonds Death, Obituary – On Tuesday afternoon, there was a fatal car accident that occurred on Main Street close to McClain-Hays. According to the authorities, the victim of the accident was a woman who was from Philadelphia. According to the Chief Eric Lyons of the Philadelphia Police Department, the deceased individual has been identified as Laquinta Lasha Renee Bonds, who was 38 years old and a resident of Philadelphia. Laquinta Lasha Renee Bonds was a woman.

According to him, she was discovered to be dead at the scene, and the authorities are still awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine how she passed away. Lyons reported that an autopsy was currently being carried out at the state crime lab at the time of their conversation. The statement begins with the words “while the accident itself did not appear to be major, it is suspected that bonds suffered a medical episode prior to the actual crash,” and continues on to say “although the accident itself did not appear to be major.”

After that, he continued by saying, “As soon as the autopsy is complete, we will have a more certain response regarding the cause of death,” which followed his previous statement. According to Lyons, the accident took place on Main Street close to McClain-Hays in the afternoon of Tuesday, January 31, about 3:30 p.m. Bonds was one of the drivers involved in the crash that took place during that time.

Lyons claims that one of the vehicles off the route and came to a stop in the wooded area that is located behind the Family Dollar store. Lyons claims that the vehicle came to a stop around two hundred yards distant from the scene of the initial incident. Lyons has indicated that there have been no additional reports of injuries as a direct result of the incident.

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